coronavirus death rate in china

coronavirus in china 

the user images the Chinese government doesn't want you to see a medical center in Wuhan the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak under stress short on supplies overwhelmed with patients the video is from chuncho a lawyer who made

the risky choice to become a citizen journalist and defy government efforts to control information in front of me is the virus and behind me is the legal and administrative power of China as long as I live in this city oh I will continue to report I only

coronavirus death rate

report what I see what I hear I'm not even scared of death you think I'm afraid of the Communist Party no Chun is gone he disappeared last week and has not responded to messages so far authorities will only say he is quoted under control Amnesty International say he's been forcibly quarantined and he's not the only one to pay the price for defying state authority the blogger fang bin took this video from a hospital in Wuhan it seems to show body bags, victims of the virus, then he received a menacing knock on his door you would you go do you deny email Chinese surrender to that blue one in Central Park haha fiying had been posting videos daily proof that he was free those uploads stopped on Monday and he's been unreachable by phone fueling speculation

of his arrest when Li wen Liang a doctor in Wuhan warned of the virus in December authorities accused him and several others of severely disturbing the social

order no he's dead one of the more than1000 people in China to succumb to

coronavirus so far mourning and anger have marked his passing online and off

in defiance of the state's threats pressure is mounting on Chinese authorities to come clean on what's happening in Wuhan and that includes wanting to know what's

happened to people like chuncho and fine bin okay let's get the latest on the

situation in China now at EWS Matias Billina joining us from Beijing good day

to you Matias um what information are people in China not getting that they so

desperately want to hear well nobody in China knows whether these numbers that

we see are real every information that we get from Wuhan is that it might even

not be deliberate it might also be deliberate that might also not but a lot

of patients have not been diagnosed yet people are queuing up in hospitals in

order to be admitted to a hospital you need to show symptoms of the disease and

you need to be tested today I spoke to a woman who told me that her mother who

had been showing symptoms and was severely ill for ten days had been

tested 2 times negative until she was tested positive so until that moment she

was also not in the statistics so there is the mess on the ground ground that

seems to be going on is of course has an impact on the statistics this is one

thing the other thing is that there is of course a deep sitting mistrust of

what authorities report what authorities allow to report everybody in China knows

there is censorship and of course this is why these citizen journalists go

there to get a glimpse of reality ok the state is responding to what you

described this deep-seated mistrust um I want to quote a state media here it says

anyone who tries to cover up the extent of the outbreak will be nailed on the

pillar of shame for eternity is China living up or attempting to live up

changing its ways in the direction of transparency in regard to the

coronavirus what China has done is that after in the

beginning denying that the virus could spread from human to human

it admitted that it could spread from human to human and it started publishing

figures and these figures are rising so to some extent China is admitting that

something is happening but whether it's living up to any standards of

transparency is something that's very hard to say without independent

investigations and reporting and China has not allowed journalists to report

freely although more freely than before and it has not allowed or has limited

independent assessments by specialists so no it is not of course living up to

transparency as we understand it and in the process creating a real thirst for

information Matias Burling f-words in Beijing thank you very much for that

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