coronavirus affected countries list

What are the coronavirus affected countries list?

Now in the last hour, Britain has changed its travel advice advising against all of us.

essential travel to the whole of mainland China as a result of the new coronavirus the number of deaths has now jumped to more than a hundred British nationals trapped in
China have been out to register with the consulate if they wish to be flown out with suggestions an airlift may happen quickly and with short notice, Japan and Germany have discovered cases of the virus in people with no history of travel to Wuhan the city where it first emerged our health correspondent Victoria McDonald reports and
   a warning there is flash photography from the start there taking no chances all Thai Airways flights from China are being thoroughly disinfected the novel coronavirus has been identified now in 13 countries outside China with 45 cases confirmed in Germany they've reported a patient who had not been in China but who had come into contact with the Chinese colleague visiting from Shanghai she had been infected by her parents who had come from near Wuhan at the center of the outbreak disclose act I want to make it clear that it was expected that the corona virus would also reach Germany the case in Bavaria also shows however that we are well prepared that the information between the federal and state governments and internationally works well this is the first case of human-to-human transmission of the virus in Europe other cases where the patient has not been in China have been reported in Japan Taiwan and possibly Vietnam a growing number of countries are now taking their citizens out of Wuhan and the Hubei Province much of which was in lockdown the UK government has asked any Britons who want to leave to contact the consulate because they just still get the list together of people that want to go I wouldn't expect that it would be tomorrow maybe on earliest on the 30th or the 31st of January there are a number of people who have the problem that they have a Chinese spouse and Chinese children and they're not really allowed that well they're not allowed to travel with their partner the latest official figures are 106 deaths and more than 4500 cases confirmed the Army has been called into Wuhan to help and today the World Health Organization said the increasing numbers were deeply concerning the staff are overwhelmed this video from who Bey daily media group shows a doctor breaking down in tears hundreds more doctors are being sent to the region and to new hospitals are being built in record-breaking time my wife is a medical worker and I am a builder of the Latian Channel Hospital our goal right now is to build this hospital better so that all medical staff like my wife can work worryfree and feel more secure and they are desperately needed Chinese authorities said today that at this time of year the Wuhan fever clinics would normally see 3,000 patients a day at their busiest times over the past few days they have dealt with more than 15,000 much is still unknown about this new virus most patients have been mildly affected making it harder to detect but 20 percent have been severe

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